The wind in your fur and the smells in your nose!

The article below is satire and is intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are looking for real advice, talk to a licenced veterinarian

It’s an age old question that dates back to the horse and buggy. Scientist and scholars alike have struggled for years to come to a consensus but it surely will not be answered in our lifetime. Forget the chicken and the egg for a second and focus on the real great mystery of mankind.

Why the heck does my dog stick its head out of the car window?

We may not have all the answers, but here at Puffin Products our crack team of doggo scientists have managed to come up with a couple “guesstimations” if you will.

Number One:  The smells...oh glorious smells!

Your dog has one powerful sniffer, and with great smells comes great responsibility. For your dog, a ride in the car is one hell of a fast walk. With all those smells blowing past the window it’s no wonder they can’t help popping their head out for an an occasional deep inhale.  Who could resist?

Number Two: The cooling factor.

As many people know, your dog cools down by panting and by doing so it literally cools the inside of its body. So maybe when your dogs sticks it’s head out of the window with its mouth open, it’s actually like having the AC on full blast? This is some serious guesstimating on our part but who’re probably not a dog, so you can’t prove us wrong.

Number Three: Feel the speed.

Let’s be honest for a second. If it was socially acceptable (and legal) to stick your face out of your car window while probably would. In fact, that’s probably why people love convertibles so much. Both dog and hooman alike love to feel the speed!  Just watch out for bugs.

We love our pets but sometimes it’s hard to understand why they do what they do. But until dogs can speak (and believe me we’re working on it) we’ll simply have to continue to guesstimate what goes on in that fuzzy little head of theirs.

Stay tuned for the next totally legitimate scientific dog study.

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